My love for YOU

I just had a fight with my partner this evening. I made myself a cup of tea and I'm trying to ponder as to what went wrong between us. I don't think much about what he says when he is angry, I don't even let his words make home in my heart when he's not... Continue Reading →


Meant to be

What happened to you was just something that was meant to be. If people tell you that you're not the only one facing the struggles of your life or if people tell you to stop whining over your problems, don't listen to them. First of all clear your mind and take a deep breath. Everything... Continue Reading →

Stop it, Just breathe

Today you felt as if your world is colliding down, you just managed to smile at that situation and not burst out with a cry, you're feeling that everything you do is wrong or in some way not benefiting you at all. You have a really nice dream that you think of achieveing but you... Continue Reading →

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